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★ Cultural origin


The company has always adhered to the spirit of "three fierce, four virtuous" spirits of "striking, rushing, chasing" and "fighting with the first flag, carrying with the red flag, standing with the forefront, and advanced in learning", and "The iron heart is infused into the company's corporate culture with the iron heart to the party, the future, the brave and the invincible", which casts the soul of the enterprise and shapes the company's steel will, strong character, pragmatic style, keen vision, courage and innovation. Consciousness supports the spirit of the "Chinese capital" to overcome difficulties again and again, seize opportunities and win challenges.




★ Party League Trade Union


The company resolutely implements the guiding ideology of "always follow the party and is determined to the party", and has established the party, league and trade union organizations of Zhongdu Security Service Co., Ltd. Leading and promoting the enterprise tenet of "emphasis on safety, high quality, reputation, and first-class", with the central idea of ​​"rolling up the sleeves and refueling to dry", effectively and scientifically mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the majority of cadres and employees for entrepreneurship and joint development. Gather people's hearts and shape quality. Give full play to the leadership guarantee role of the party and league trade union organizations, and provide a strong impetus and political guarantee for the sustainable, effective, scientific and harmonious development of enterprises.



★ Route policy


Seize the opportunity, take advantage of the trend, build a brand, occupy a high point, service first, Lei Feng world, strict discipline, first-class team, based in Beijing, go to the country, and look at the world.



★ Enterprise spirit


Innovative, pragmatic, rigorous and efficient.



★ Service concept


Safety first, professional first, customer first, pursuit of excellence.



★ Service tenet


Emphasis on safety, high quality, reputation, and first-class.




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Time of issue:2020-07-27 00:00:00


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