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Service standards
First, the overall standard:
1, love their duties and loyalty. The security guards are responsible for assisting the public security organs in maintaining the order of public order and ensuring the security of the personnel and property of the personnel stationed in the work station. Therefore, the security guards should establish a sense of responsibility and pride of the masters, link their own work with the major goals of social security, be highly dedicated, be dedicated to service, conscientiously perform their duties, be conscientious, hard work, and be able to complete their security missions. .
2. Compliance with laws and regulations, courage to protect the law, security guards must be model law to learn law, law-abiding, usage, to ensure the security of the station units, to provide quality services, to win social recognition and the trust of the resident units.
3, regardless of gains and losses, courage to dedicate, security guards are the loyal guardian of the legitimate interests of Party A, at any time, under any circumstances should be the legitimate interests of personnel stationed in the first place, to complete the task of security security.
4. Civilization is on duty, treats people politely, loves the people, cares for the people, and wholeheartedly serves the people. This is the core of socialist professional ethics. Civilized duty and politeness are the concrete manifestations of the security personnel's spirit and appearance, and also the implementation of the customer first, service first. A concrete embodiment of the corporate purpose.
5. Honest and honest, not selfish. The security service personnel and the client units have extensive contacts. The security guards must be honest, self-disciplined, adhere to principles, and do business in accordance with the regulations. They do not accept any gifts or gifts and do not give any opportunity to the suspects.
Second, the appearance of instrument standards:
1. All security personnel have a good mental outlook and are full of energy. They must have the momentum of standing like a pine, a seat like a bell, and moving with the wind. They are good at using their brains and can deal with all types of emergencies calmly and intelligently.
2. Dress uniforms, tie belts, ties, wear work permits, and orderliness during the shift. They are dressed after finishing the work.
3. When the security guards are on duty, they will enter the working state and are ready to fight against illegal and criminal activities. They always maintain a high degree of vigilance, clear-headedness, full spirit, and high morale.
4, do not stay long hair, beard, long nails, not hair, perm, not to wear accessories, diligent in changing clothes, leather shoes, always keep the hat flat and clean, is a good habit of clean and sanitary.
5, friendly, polite, polite, enthusiastic, with a smile, stick to their respective positions, not arbitrarily leaving the post.
Third, the post service standards:
1, security captain service standards
(1) The security captain has a high level of management and is able to take full responsibility for all aspects of the security team under the guidance of the company and Party A to ensure the safety of the business owners in the service area;
(2) According to the company's security management management plan and measures, to develop a specific work plan for the security team and organize the implementation;
(3) It is necessary to continuously guide, supervise, and inspect the work of the security guards during the shifts, and follow-up and solve the problems raised, and make training assessments, record and archive;
(4) Accurately master the security dynamics in the service area, properly handle various types of accidents in the service area, and timely communicate with the corresponding responsible person of Party A on the recent security issues and security loopholes in the service area and follow up and solve them in time;
(5) Responsible for formulating various security training plans, organizing and implementing assessments, and improving the overall quality of security personnel;
(6) Responsible for the assessment of all security, and put forward opinions on handling the incompetent. Every Friday before the completion of the project next week all the safety of the project schedule, attendance and leave and other matters. Send emails to the Operations Manager once a week.
(7) Organize regular inspections of fire protection systems, alarm systems and automatic monitoring systems to ensure that they are in good condition at all times and check the implementation of relevant security and security systems;
(8) Organize a meeting between the leader of the class leader and the security guards to be responsible for communicating the recent work priorities of the operation department and Party A. The public security issues and handling situation in the service area shall be comprehensively organized, reported to the relevant leaders, and communicated to the security guards. We will do monthly summary, quarter-end, and year-end summary of the service area security.
2. Gate service standards
(1) The security guard stands on duty (straight-up) in a fixed position and conducts courtesy inquiries on incoming and outgoing personnel;
(2) Be familiar with Party A's rules and regulations, personnel access, and management methods for various types of documents, and be familiar with and master guard security measures;
(3) Strictly examine the documents, go through the registration procedures, standardize the management of entry and exit of personnel, stop the entry of unrelated personnel, promptly discover and stop all kinds of illegal and unlawful acts, and do a good job of safety precautions. It is strictly forbidden that bazaars such as bazaars, sales pitches, hawkers, vagrants, begging, etc., enter the service area. To inquire, block, register, and report on interviews, photographs, and photographs taken in service areas;
(4) Commanding and evacuating the vehicles, maintaining the normal order of the entrances and exits, checking the access personnel, vehicles and their carried or shipped articles, preventing the loss of the property of Party A and the inflow of prohibited articles;
(5) Familiar with all kinds of emergency and alarm help calls, do a good job of picking up and alarming. When cases, accidents, emergencies or people's report for help, they should immediately report to their superiors and register;
(6) Strictly implement the shift shift system, and register the operation of the current shift, notices of superiors, to-do items, transfer of equipment and materials, etc.;
(7) Assist Party A to do a good job of receiving visitors.
3, patrol post service standards
(1) The operating area of ​​the patrolling post is designated area, including the public area within the service area, parking lot, inner peripheral wall, corridor, etc.;
(2) Patrol should pay attention to its own image, maintain a high degree of vigilance, adhere to principles, prevent accidents, hazardous accidents and responsible accidents, and ensure full security in the region;
(3) The patrolling task responsible for the inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the prescribed time and route, signing at the designated place, and checking the walkie-talkie and the patrol bar before patrolling to ensure that it is intact and effective;
(4) Be familiar with the facilities and equipment in the management area, be responsible for checking the safety measures of the route, and record the inspection results;
(5) If it is found that the public facilities are damaged and the equipment is not functioning properly, the foreman shall be promptly reported and the relevant department shall be notified;
(6) patrol all major areas, including the periphery, corridors, gardens and parking lots, detect unsafe factors in time, take effective measures, and report in a timely manner;
(7) When patrolling, pay attention to the availability of idle personnel in the service area.
4、Guardian Service Standard
(1) Familiar with the relevant system rules and procedures and documents permitting access to the guardian area, familiar with the location, performance and use of the topography, features and facilities around the job, memorizing contact details with relevant departments and personnel, and mastering general handling Problems and emergency methods;
(2) Maintaining the normal order of guarded areas, promptly stopping unrelated personnel from entering guarded areas, and doing a good job in fire prevention, theft prevention, anti-robbing, anti-explosion, and prevention and control disaster accidents;
(3) Dressing, carrying on-duty protection and communication equipment according to regulations, strictly inspecting the personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the guard area, maintaining order, and safeguarding the safety of the target;
(4) The mobile post should be repeatedly inspected to eliminate potential safety hazards in the guarded area and to protect the safety of the target. Observing the post should observe the situation in and around the guarded area. Suspicious persons and suspicious circumstances should be reported immediately to the client, and corresponding measures must be taken to ensure protection. Target security;
(5) In case of unrelated personnel entering the guarded area in violation of regulations, dissuasive shall be conducted, and those who do not listen to dissuasion shall be resolutely stopped and promptly reported to the security team leader and the safety and security department of the project for handling;
(6) When a vehicle without a license intends to enter the guard area, it shall indicate parking; if it does not listen to the command, it shall immediately report to the security captain and the safety and security department of the project, and record the characteristics of the model, brand, color, etc.;
(7) When unlawful infringements are discovered, immediate measures must be taken to resolutely stop them, and the perpetrators should be sent to the security security department or public security agency of the project to protect the site;
(8) In the event of a fire, explosion, or other disaster, an immediate warning shall be given to the security leader and the security protection department of the project in a timely manner. Positive measures shall be taken to prevent the situation from expanding, assist in the rescue of the injured, and perform on-site protection work.
5. Security check service standards
(1) Comply with all laws and regulations and the various rules and regulations of security inspections, subject to the management of superior leaders, and reject the violations of laws, regulations or the rules and regulations of security inspections, and report to higher authorities in a timely manner;
(2) Strictly abide by labor discipline, do not be late, do not leave early, do not leave work, do not do anything unrelated to the work;
(3) According to the regulations, dress posts, wearing signs should be standardized, consciously maintain the post image of security personnel, conscientiously perform job responsibilities, and cooperate with other security inspectors to do security inspection;
(4) Proficient in the operation and identification methods of various security inspection equipments;
(5) According to the security inspection requirements for “every package inspection,” it is responsible for propagating and guiding the people to enter the security inspection area. Targeted detection of suspicious items, determination of the nature of suspicious objects, timely transfer to the scene of civilian police and record. For unclear baggage parcels, guide the masses to leave the security checkpoint as soon as possible so that other people can pass;
(6) Civilization should be performed in a professional manner and with a good attitude. During the course of duty, they should not laugh at each other, should not lie down on the seat during the rest period, and should take the initiative to court the crowd when taking security inspections and consciously maintain the image of security personnel.