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  Personal escort refers to the use of personal escort, which provides advanced security services for international leaders, celebrities in sports and sports, and other prominent figures in the world. Carry-on escorts provide advanced global security services mainly for high-level business people, the literary and art circles, sports circles and other prominent figures in the society. The company plans to develop a full-scale security escort program to provide customers with safe and reliable personal guarding services and valuable items in full security services through risk warning, personal protection, and point guarding.

  Quality of Guards: All VIP escorts are composed of retired armed police forces, special forces, and martial arts elites. After systematic and professional training, they are proficient in driving, fighting, rescue and crisis management, and they are familiar with laws and business etiquette. The psychological quality and rich practical experience. It has extremely sensitive response and processing ability to emergencies, and has good military style and professional ethics, noble professionalism and cultural accomplishment, and faithfully provides you with security protection services within the scope of the law, and defends your personal life according to law. And property security.

  Service Content:

  Provide a complete security program;

  24-hour seamless play with special guards;

  Arrange for customers to plan safe travel routes;

  Hotel, airline ticket, special car reservation service;

  Assessment of safety factors for travel locations and business negotiations;

  Protection of valuable information, trade secrets and other related information and materials;

  Special driving and safety services;

  Security consultants and personal security services;

  Emergency treatment, etc.