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Security check

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  Security inspection refers to the use of X-ray machines, hand-held security devices, security doors, sensors and other security inspection facilities and equipment, to major events, business summits, sports events, heritage exhibitions, concerts and other activities, as well as airports, stations and other important places. Personnel, item detection, identification, and elimination of security threats caused by poisons, explosives, and eavesdropping devices.

  Large-scale event security check:

  Taking the safety inspection personnel as the leading factor, the company will comprehensively use various equipment and equipment to carry out safety inspections of personnel, vehicles and articles to achieve the purpose of safety precautions. Conduct safety inspections in the active area and key locations. Do a good job responding to emergencies, accidents, and fire accidents.

  Airport, station security:

  The first is the X-ray security inspection equipment, which is used to check whether passenger bags carry prohibited items; the second is a metal detector door to check whether the passengers carry dangerous articles such as controlled knives; the third is a hand-held metal detector, and the hand inspector is used to carry passengers to the pockets. , hat collars and other key parts of the inspection; four is a manual inspection, that is, the security inspection staff manually check the passenger luggage and security checks for male and female security inspectors, respectively; Fifth, with the working dog inspection, search the airport, station, search, search Explosion and other troubleshooting.