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Zhongdu Guards Launches "Send Cool in Summer" Heatstroke Prevention and Cooling Condolence Activity

In order to protect the health and life safety of front-line security guards during the high temperature period, and to ensure that the security guards spend the summer safely, on July 14, 2020, Zhong

The security team of Zhongdu Guards performed outstandingly in preventing and controlling the epidemic and received a letter of commendation from Party A

On May 28, 2020, Zhongdu Security Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ("Zhongdu Guardian") received a letter of commendation from Beijing Jiangtai Branch of Scitech International Property Management Co., Ltd.

Zhongdu Defender wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day!

Zhongdu Guards pays tribute to the majority of workers and wishes everyone a happy May Day!

Zhongdu guards stationed at the "bridgehead" of epidemic prevention and control to stop suspicious persons who crossed the wall and entered the village

On March 14, 2020, the security guard of the Zhongdu Security Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (the "Zhongdu Guardian") stationed in the Yishi Village Project of Xihongmen Village found a villager with an

The Epidemic Prevention and Control Working Group of the Chaoyang District Development and Reform Commission visited Zhongdu Guards for inspection and guidance

 On the morning of February 20, 2020, the Working Group of the Development and Reform Commission of Beijing Chaoyang District, Ma Yan, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Building, and other people visited Zhongdu Security Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (the "Zhongdu Guards") to inspect the new coronavirus For epidemic prevention and control work, the company’s deputy general manager Du Zhengyi and heads of relevant departments accompanied the inspection.
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Time of issue:2020-07-27 00:00:00


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