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Chen Xiaochun Helicopter Airborne Jingdong Zhongdu Security Random Security

Chen Xiaochun Helicopter Airborne Jingdong Zhongdu Security Random Security

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On November 8th, Jingdong Supermarket together with Holland Grand Dairy Powder Connaught can successfully build a “natural force daddy training camp”. On the same day, the super-milk daddy Chen Xiaoch

On November 8th, Jingdong Supermarket together with Holland Grand Dairy Powder Connaught can successfully build a “natural force daddy training camp”. On the same day, the super-milk daddy Chen Xiaochun took a helicopter flight to Jingdong. He sent a full force of natural power to JD Park while JD “Double Eleventh Global Good Day” was culminating.






After Chen Xiaochun arrived, the training camp officially began. Through a series of games that experience the forces of nature, Chan Xiaochun led Jingdong's milk dad to experience the insistence of Nuo Youneng on natural quality. It is understood that Nuo Youeng can use natural grass-fed cows to obtain high-quality milk, and insist on using 100% lactose formula to ensure that the taste is light and natural.





The site of the sponsorship of the shantonese airborne ‘Nature’s Daddy Training Camp’ was entirely the responsibility of Zhongdu Security Service Co., Ltd., and the guards of the Zhongdu guards took Chen Xiaochun by helicopter and landed safely on the scene. In order to accomplish the mission well, the guards in the capital all have strict military rules. All players have a high professional quality. They always defend the safety of Chun Ge and the fans at the event and ensure that the activities are conducted safely and smoothly. Affirmation and support!

❖Zhongdu Guardian