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Nineteenth Security Medical Service Team Enters Zhongdu Guardian

Nineteenth Security Medical Service Team Enters Zhongdu Guardian

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On October 22, 2017, our security station in Guangcai International Apartment ushered in the Nineteenth Security Medical Service Team consisting of Hengan Chinese Medicine Hospital and Beijing Red Cub

On October 22, 2017, our security station in Guangcai International Apartment ushered in the Nineteenth Security Medical Service Team consisting of Hengan Chinese Medicine Hospital and Beijing Red Cube Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. in the security service industry. In order to improve the safety work of Glorious International Apartments, we further strengthened the rapid response and emergency response capabilities of our security guards for first aid. The Nineteenth Security Medical Team provided medical knowledge training for our employees.



The training included medical knowledge lectures and emergency rescue drills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, burn treatment and fracture trauma dressing. The data on medical knowledge lectures is so shocking that the facts are even more shocking. More than 70% of people in the United States have saved themselves from each other. 80% of people in Europe have self-rescue and mutual rescue skills. Only 7.4% of people in China will have cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and 93.6% put critical care and emergency patients on their doctors. However, 88.4% of the people did not know that CPR was “golden for 4 minutes. This shocking figure made our staff learn more about CPR exercises, train under the guidance of teachers, and take the press training on the stage and sweat.” They are more aware of the importance of this training.



The cases in the training all come from life, on-the-spot bandaging techniques, teaching demonstrations of burn treatment, and our security guards have benefited a lot. The security guard took the initiative to play the wounded and the instructors clearly demonstrated the essentials of the movement. Through this training, not only the staff’s awareness of first aid, speed of response, and understanding, practical medical knowledge and first-aid methods are enhanced, but also the knowledge of medical knowledge is further understood. In the future work, the company will pay more attention to safety issues and actively organize employees to learn and further improve employees' safety awareness and self-rescue capability.



In addition, the 19th National Security Team also conducted public-welfare experience activities for 36 security guards of our company. On the spot, they performed physical examinations for security guards and gave medicines and first aid kits.