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Celebrating the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Celebrating the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

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In order to test the fire safety and anti-terrorism emergency response capabilities of our security personnel, we strengthened the ability to respond quickly and enhance the overall level of collabora
In order to test the fire safety and anti-terrorism emergency response capabilities of our security personnel, we strengthened the ability to respond quickly and enhance the overall level of collaboration to ensure the safety of Beijing's public environment during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party. Recently, the guards of the Central Government organized security guards to carry out firefighting and explosion-proof anti-terrorist exercises.
During the fire drills, the fire trainer explained the types of fires, basic skills for escape, emergency evacuation precautions, and the use of fire extinguishers. Afterwards, the relevant staff ignited the fire in the open space, creating a real fire scene. The smoke immediately appeared in the open space. The on-site security personnel quickly responded, commanded the crowd to escape, and used the fire extinguishing equipment to quickly extinguish the fire. Throughout the entire process, the players responded quickly, organized, and quickly extinguished the "fire."


In the anti-terrorism explosion-proof exercise, the surveillance showed that a "criminal" who may carry weapons must enter the security protection zone. The security team members must block the "criminal elements" outside the mission area, and the team members are immediately fortified. One minute later, the “criminal elements” approached the guard points with their weapons. After the players reported the danger with the walkie-talkie, they quietly stopped him and asked him to be examined. The "criminal elements" suddenly pushed the team and pulled a machete from their clothes. In the face of extreme violence, the team members began to use shields to block knives after loudly dissuading them from uselessness, and then used explosion-proof forks to quickly subdue “illegal elements”. The drill commanders preached that the team members would firstly dissuade them in similar situations. In severe cases, they would use force to subdue the "criminal elements" and strictly implement the "Security Service Management Regulations" principle to ensure that the customer's personnel, finance, and In the case of absolute security, civilized and courteous duty.



As a security guardian who guards public order and security, rapid response ability and high level of overall collaborative ability are one of our essential capabilities. The drill reflects the high degree of discipline, strong execution, and collective combat effectiveness of security personnel in China.