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Long-term security

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  Long-term security refers to the use of access control, patrolling, guarding and other methods, through the establishment of concierge post, image post, guard post, patrol post, Central Control post and other positions, for the property, factories, chain stores, industrial parks, campuses, office buildings and other places for a long time Security services. Civil air defense service is our company's fist security business. In order to meet customer needs, the company has also launched a comprehensive package of security services, including "boutique service points" and air defense, technical defense, and dog defense. It is welcomed and affirmed by users.

  Access guard post: pay tribute to the visitors; send and receive letters, express delivery, and custody; check, check, register, supervise and control the people, vehicles, and objects entering and exiting; maintain order around the entrance, ensure no mess, no street vendor, no Casual and suspicious people and objects reside.

  Concierge Service: Salutes and provides services such as welcome and guidance to the staff, highlights the good overall image of the stationers with excellent personal qualities, and improves the satisfaction of the staff inside and outside the company.

  Guardian post: The guarding of important equipment, facilities, and key parts is to ensure the safety of people, money, and property within the guard range. If necessary, aids can be equipped with technical equipment and guard dogs.

  Patrol Post: Through patrols of important areas and equipment, inspections, discoveries, reports, and timely elimination of various security risks, prevention of fire, explosion and other accidents or robbery, theft and other illegal violations.

  Zhonggang Kong: With CCTV, infrared alarms, fire alarm systems and other technical defense equipment and facilities, it monitors the entrances and exits, important areas, etc., quickly discovers hidden dangers and anomalies, and promptly reports and handles emergencies.

  Car Park Post: Assist, command vehicles out of storage, reasonably arrange parking of vehicles, maintain the order of parking yards and exits, ensure that the lanes are unblocked, and at the same time check and register incoming and outgoing vehicles as required.

  Other posts: According to customer needs, targeted other positions.