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Company Profile

Zhongdu Security Services Co., Ltd., which was established in 2005, is the first batch of security companies that obtained the security service qualification license and the standing member of the Overseas Security Committee of the Beijing Security Association. The founding team came from the retired soldiers of the Northern Shaanxi Red Army and inherited the fine traditions of the Red Army. The company has set up four business segments including security services, insurance consulting, comprehensive security, and overseas security. It is a diversified security group integrating human defense, technical defense, and physical defense.



  Historical starting point: Zhongdu Security Service Co., Ltd. and "China Defender" were established in 2005;

  Founding team: Legions of veterans from the former Northern Shaanxi Red Army, inheriting the glorious tradition of the Red Army;

  Qualifications: more than ten items such as security service licenses, standing members of overseas security committees, second-class qualifications of security service companies, and ISO three-system certification;

  Route Policy: Seize the Opportunity, Take the Opportunity, Build a Brand, Occupy a High Point, Service First, Lei Feng, the World, Discipline, Discipline, First-rate Team

  Based on Beijing to go to the country

  Service network: covering the whole country and establishing part of the overseas service network;


Domestic service network


Domestic service network



  Company size: The scale of more than 5,000 people, long-term customers including the world's top 100 companies, government agencies, etc.;

  Business Segments: Security Services, Risk Insurance Services, Integrated Security, Overseas Security;

  Expert Consultant: An advisory team composed of internationally renowned safety, legal and financial experts;

  Business Philosophy: Based on the service to the market, seeking for development through innovation;

  Development goals: Committed to creating a group, international national brand.


International strategic cooperation